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The World Jewish Adventist Friendship Center is an entity of the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, having the following purposes:

  • To revive, among the Adventist members who come from a Jewish background, the love and appreciation for the traditions and culture of the Jewish People, reaffirming thereby their Jewish identity and their willingness to be positive witnesses, through their lives, to the Jewish community and to their family.
  • To promote, within the Adventist context, and among the non-Adventists as well who may come in contact with us, a better knowledge and appreciation of, and respect for the Jewish People, for Judaism, for Israel, and for the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.
  • To help assimilated Jews, who may sympathize with us , to revive their Jewish identity and to develop a deep love for the God of Israel and for His Word, living thereby a life of faith and commitment to tikkun olam (“restoration of the world”), according to God’s will.
  • To provide a basis for an open and respectful dialog between the Adventist and Jewish communities, and between their members. The goal is to establish and develop a mutual friendship between them, according to the recommendations made by the General Conference, “World Jewish Friendship Committee,” May 17, 1994, lines 5-17:

It is necessary to look thoughtfully at the present Jewish reality on a global basis. Our friendship with every Jew and Jewish community must be enriched. We need to find proper methods to communicate with them. These methods should be based on their timeless contribution to humanity as a nation since the beginning of their existence, and as God’s instruments in the past and in the present while they live in harmony with God’s plan.

We need to understand them in their long history of suffering and service to the world. Many people have a far too limited idea as to the real meaning of this nation in the historical experience of humanity. Some would despise them. Others would even hate them. We cannot follow this line of unfriendly feeling. On the contrary, realizing their true place in the foundation of the Judeo-Christian culture of the west as well as in the long history of achievements and failures of this culture, we must find ways that would bind them with us in the best biblical and prophetic ideals for individuals, nations, and the whole of humanity.

It is our prayer that as Adventists and Jews come to better know and understand one another, our hearts may be more closely bound together in respect, in faith, in community, and in the love of God.

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